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Image of the day 10/14/2020

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    M57 envelope in Ha-OIII-OIII, 


            Boris Emchenko
    M57 envelope in Ha-OIII-OIII
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    Technical card

    Imaging telescopes or lenses: Customized Newton320/4.5

    Imaging cameras: Atik 383L+ Mono

    Mounts: WS-180

    Guiding telescopes or lenses: Customized Newton320/4.5

    Focal reducers: ASA 3" Wynne Corrector 0.95x

    Software: Pleiades Astrophoto PixInshight  ·  CCDCommander  ·  FitStacker

    Filters: Baader Planetarium LRGB 36 mm, Ha (7 nm), OIII (8,5 nm), SII (8 nm)

    Dates:April 13, 2020May 24, 2020June 28, 2020July 2, 2020July 14, 2020

    Baader B 36mm: 80x120" bin 1x1
    Baader G 36mm: 51x120" bin 1x1
    Baader Ha 36mm 7nm: 85x1200" bin 1x1
    Baader OIII 8.5nm 36mm: 48x1200" bin 1x1
    Baader R 36mm: 50x120" bin 1x1

    Integration: 50.4 hours

    Avg. Moon age: 13.07 days

    Avg. Moon phase: 49.35%

    Basic astrometry details

    Astrometry.net job: 3905336

    RA center: 18h 53' 35"

    DEC center: +33° 1' 40"

    Pixel scale: 0.407 arcsec/pixel

    Orientation: 178.235 degrees

    Field radius: 0.121 degrees

    Resolution: 1700x1300

    Locations: Astromania Vedrus remote observatory, Krasnodar, Russian Federation

    Data source: Amateur hosting facility

    Remote source: Astro Hostel Krasnodar


    М 57 envelope

    M57 halo ("envelope") is considered to be outer layers of the host star blown away by stellar wind during asymptotic giant branch phase just before nebula itself was born.

    The nebula image is Ha-OIII-OIII composition (200% crop of central part). Stars were overlaid from RGB image.
    Due to high dynamic range, some processing tweaks were used. First, two separate integrations per filter were made: best of the best based on FWHM criteria for the brightest nebula part and a full set of images for maximizing SNR in shadows. Than stretch of various degree was applied. And they all were combined later into artificial HDR.

    [1] Nebula 3D model image was taken from "Studies of NGC 6720 with Calibrated HST WFC3 Emission-Line Filter Images–I: Structure and Evolution", C. R. O’Dell, G. J. Ferland, W. J. Henney and M. Peimbert, 2013

    Full frame:



    Boris Emchenko
    License: None (All rights reserved)


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      M57 envelope in Ha-OIII-OIII, 


            Boris Emchenko
      M57 envelope in Ha-OIII-OIII, 


            Boris Emchenko
      M57 envelope in Ha-OIII-OIII, 


            Boris Emchenko


    Description: Nebula 3D model [1]


    Description: Full frame

    Sky plot

    Sky plot


    M57 envelope in Ha-OIII-OIII, 


            Boris Emchenko