FIT and DSLR camera raw files

AstroBin offers the storage of FIT and DSLR camera raw files too, for archival and sharing purposes!

AstroBin Raw Data is a platform for the secure storage of all your FIT and DLSR raw files, up to 500 GB! It will automatically keep your files organized, and allow you to share them with other members. Want to know more?

What is this site?


Are you an astrophotographer? Do you like to share the outcome of your hard work with others? As an astrophotographer myself, and a subscriber to numerous Astrophotography forums, I have found that the Internet is lacking a centralized place where astrophotographers can share their work.

AstroBin comes to fill the gap. It's a website built from the ground up by an astrophotographer, and it provides means to people who want to share their astrophotographs.