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NGC 7217 (Diaz, Alemany, Iovene), 


            Salvatore Iovene
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NGC 7217 (Diaz, Alemany, Iovene)

Imaging telescopes or lenses: GSO RC12

Imaging cameras: Atik 4000

Mounts: Paramount MX

Software: PixInsight

Dates:Aug. 19, 2014Aug. 21, 2014

B: 14x450" bin 2x2
G: 16x450" bin 2x2
L: 47x900" bin 1x1
R: 16x450" bin 2x2

Integration: 17.5 hours

Avg. Moon age: 24.94 days

Avg. Moon phase: 22.51%

Astrometry.net job: 3382051

RA center: 22h 7' 51"

DEC center: +31° 21' 33"

Pixel scale: 0.957 arcsec/pixel

Orientation: 176.616 degrees

Field radius: 0.336 degrees

Resolution: 1830x1749

Locations: Remote observatory at Astrocamp, Nerpio, Spain


NGC 7217 is an unbarred spiral galaxy in the constellation Pegasus.

NGC 7217 is a gas-poor system whose main features are the presence of several rings of stars concentric to its nucleus: three main ones -being the outermost one the most prominent and the one that features most of the gas and star formation of this galaxy-, plus several others inside the innermost one discovered with the help of the Hubble Space Telescope, a feature that suggests NGC 7217's central regions have suffered several starbursts, and a very large and massive spheroid that extends beyond its disk.

Other noteworthy features this galaxy has are the presence of a number of stars rotating in the opposite direction around the galaxy's center to most of them and two distinct stellar populations: one of intermediate age on its innermost regions and a younger, metal-poor on its outermost ones.

It has been suggested these features were caused by a merger with another galaxy and, in fact, computer simulations show that NGC 7217 could have been a large lenticular galaxy that merged with one or two smaller gas-rich ones of late Hubble type becoming the spiral galaxy we see today.; however right now this galaxy is isolated in space, with no nearby major companions.

Collaboration between Samuel Díaz Lopez, Jaime Alemany and me.



Salvatore Iovene
License: Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike Creative Commons

Sky plot

Sky plot


NGC 7217 (Diaz, Alemany, Iovene), 


            Salvatore Iovene