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A collection of great images that were recently handpicked.
NGC 6960 - Western Veil
Western Veil Nebula - HOO
Close up to Clavius
SH2-101 et sa région
IC5070 Pelican Nebula Modified SHO
Big Prom at 6000mm - CPC925 w Quark - June 25, 2017
NGC 6992 - Eastern Veil
Solar Prominences II, Mono, June 25th 017
Solar Prominences I, Colored, June 25th 2017
restefond 4
Soleil, protubérances du 25/06/2017
NGC3576 and NGC3603
NGC7000 The Wall Area
NCG7000 The North America Wall in Cygnus 4 Panel Bicolor Mosaic
Propeller - DWB 111 - Simeis 57
The Milky Way with an Iridium Flare
Dual Color Display
Milky way above Rila, Malyovitsa
The milkyway core
Sun 20.06.2017
Milky Way
NGC 6188 - NGC 6193
HH555 - Herbig Haro Object in Pelican