A collection of great images that were recently handpicked.
NGC 1499 to NGC 1333
The Great Orion Nebula & Running Man
Barnard 18, Barnard 215 & Friends - 2017 Edit
Cygnus Region – Super-Wide-Field Mosaic
The Dragon Nebula, Hubble Palette
Triangulum Galaxy (Messier 33)
H-alpha scenery, with a "lonely" filament near to Active Region NOOA 12480.
IC410 The Tapoles bi-color
Heart Nebula in Bicolor
Cocoon Nebula
Dust around M42
Touching our home Galaxy
Thunderstorm over the Cordillera Central
NGC 1333 : First light from our new remote observatory @e-Eye, Spain
Four Panel mosaic Ha O3 Bicolor with LRGB stars of NGC7000
M42, in Hubble palette colors
M35 and NGC2158
Melotte 15 in the Heart of IC 1805
NGC 1055 + NGC 1068
The California Nebula - NGC1499
Ripresa lunare del 12/11/2017
M33 Triangulum Galaxy in L(R+HA)GB
Inside the Soul Nebula (IC 1848)