A collection of great images that were recently handpicked.
Lunar Photography Considerations
Sh2-157 and NGC7635 Region
NGC4038-NGC4039 Antennae Galaxies and NGC4027 Galaxy in LRGB
Widefield NGC 1333 and Surroundings
Tyc7674, Part of Vela Nebulae , Southern Sky
PK164+31.1 - The Headphone Nebula
When Roses Aren't Red - APOD February 22, 2018
IC 342 - Hidden Galaxy
Moon, 34.8% Waxing Crescent
The Owl and the Surfboard, M97 and M108
Cocoon Nebula
Solar system 2017
Rosette Nebula
NGC 7000 The Cygnus Wall
Headphone Nebula - PK 164+31.1
Rosette Nebula SHO - Starless
M65 and M66 Galaxy
M106 galaxy
NGC5128 Centaurus A
Rosettennebel NGC2237 / NGC 2238 / NGC 2239 / NGC 2244 / NGC 2246 Bicolor
GRS looking good
Oh My Gourd; Gourd Nebula SH2-308
Simeis 147 / sh2-240 / Spaghetti Nebula (HaO3RGB)
M51 - Deep Sky West Remote Observatory
M83 (NGC 5236) Southern Pinwheel Galaxy
M81 and M82
NGC 2242