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Tulip Nebula in Halpha, wide field

Technical card

Imaging telescope or lens: Nikon APO 300mm f/2.8

Imaging camera: SBIG STL-11000

Mount: 10Micron GM2000 QCI

Guiding telescope or lens: Vixen 60/700

Guiding camera: Lodestar

Software: photoshopDeepSkyStackerAstroart

Filter: Baader Planetarium H-Alpha Filter

Resolution: 3960x2614

Dates: Aug. 23, 2014

Frames: 30x600"

Integration: 5.0 hours

Avg. Moon age: 27.65 days

Avg. Moon phase: 3.95% job: 357913

Locations: Colle dell'Agnello, presso Pontechianale, Cuneo, Italy


30x600" exposure (5 hrs) with SBIG11000 and Ha Baader filter, with Nikon 300 mm f/2,8 APO telephoto lens, form the very good sky of Colle dell'Agnello (Italian Alps). SQM 21,5+, Bortle 2. Interesting area, that shows a lot of details aside of the well known "Tulip" Nebula in the middle. Note the wonderful "lace" structure in the lower left corner!



Luigi Fontana


Tulip Nebula in Halpha, wide field, 


        Luigi Fontana