Hemisphere:  Northern  ·  Constellation: Canes Venatici (CVn)  ·  Contains:  M 106  ·  NGC 4248  ·  NGC 4258

Image of the day 02/09/2015

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    M106 LHaRGB, 


            John D (jaddbd)
    M106 LHaRGB
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    M106 LHaRGB

    Technical card

    Imaging telescopes or lenses: Astro-Tech AT10RCCF

    Imaging cameras: QSI 640 wsg-8

    Mounts: AP900GTO

    Guiding telescopes or lenses: Astro-Tech AT10RCCF

    Guiding cameras: starlight Xpress lodestar

    Focal reducers: CCDT67

    Software: Maxim DL5  ·  photoshop cs5  ·  FocusMax  ·  bf-astro Excalibrator  ·  CCD Commander  ·  ccdstack 2.0

    Filters: Astrodon LRGB CCD Imaging Filters (I-Series)  ·  Astrodon H-alpha 5nm

    Dates:Jan. 17, 2015

    Frames: 148x300"

    Integration: 12.3 hours

    Avg. Moon age: 26.15 days

    Avg. Moon phase: 12.38%

    Basic astrometry details

    Astrometry.net job: 527433

    RA center: 12h 18' 47"

    DEC center: +47° 18' 50"

    Orientation: -89.418 degrees

    Field radius: 0.389 degrees

    Resolution: 620x535

    Locations: Home Observatory, Glenwood, Maryland, United States


    M106 in Canes Venatici. Listed at aprox. 25mil Light Years distant - so about the same distance as M51. Listed as a Seyfert II "active" galaxy. The Ha signature I think shows this with the streamer coming of the core (red in the main image). Ha mixed into the red channel at 30%. Seeing was pretty rough, so anything beyond subtle sharpening attempts proved futile.

    Original image = Ha raw data
    Image B = LHaRGB

    L = 51 x 300 1x1
    Ha = 13 x 1200 1x1
    R,G,B 15 x300 each (total 45) 2x2


    John D



      M106 LHaRGB, 


            John D (jaddbd)
    • Final
      M106 LHaRGB, 


            John D (jaddbd)

    Sky plot

    Sky plot


    M106 LHaRGB, 


            John D (jaddbd)

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