Eskimo nebula (NGC 2392) with planetary camera, 


            Marcos González T...

Eskimo nebula (NGC 2392) with planetary camera

Technical card

Imaging telescopes or lenses: Celestron C8 XLT SCT

Imaging cameras: ZWO optical ASI034MC

Mounts: AVX

Software: AutoStakkert! 2  ·  FireCapture 2.3

Dates:Feb. 18, 2015

Frames: 300x2"

Integration: 0.2 hours

Avg. Moon age: 28.94 days

Avg. Moon phase: 0.40%

Basic astrometry details job: 548890

Resolution: 536x416

Locations: Observatorio Berruguete, Madrid, Madrid, Spain


The Eskimo Nebula (NGC 2392), also known as the Clownface Nebula or Caldwell 39, is a bipolar double-shell planetary nebula (PN). It was discovered by astronomer William Herschel in 1787. The formation resembles a person's head surrounded by a parka hood. It is surrounded by gas that composed the outer layers of a Sun-like star. The visible inner filaments are ejected by a strong wind of particles from the central star. The outer disk contains unusual light-year-long filaments.

NGC 2392 lies more than 2,870 light-years away and is visible in the constellation of Gemini.

300x2", playing with all-star polar alignment, ASI034MC camera.



Marcos González T...
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Eskimo nebula (NGC 2392) with planetary camera, 


            Marcos González T...