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M101 - The Pinwheel Galaxy in Ursa Major, 


        Hap Griffin

M101 - The Pinwheel Galaxy in Ursa Major

Technical card

Imaging telescope or lens:Planewave CDK 12,5'' 12.5 CDK

Imaging camera:QSI 583wsg

Mount:apt1200gto AP1200

Software:CCD Autopilot 5

Resolution: 1100x825

Dates: March 19, 2010

Frames: 38x600"

Integration: 6.3 hours

Avg. Moon age: 3.41 days

Avg. Moon phase: 12.58% job: 1509693

Locations: ImagingInfinity Observatory, Bethune, SC, United States

Data source: Unknown


One of my favorite astronomical objects...the beautiful Pinwheel Galaxy, known as M101. Recognized as one of the finest examples of a classic spiral, it actually is quite non-symmetrical with its core being considerably off-center. It lies at a distance of 27 million light-years and is huge (as galaxies go), spanning 170,000 light years across its diameter, nearly twice the size of our own Milky-Way galaxy. It has a total luminosity of 30 billion suns.



Hap Griffin
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M101 - The Pinwheel Galaxy in Ursa Major, 


        Hap Griffin