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ISS Solar Transit, 


            Dan Goelling

ISS Solar Transit

Technical card

Resolution: 2564x1839

Date:June 30, 2017

Time: 14:08

Frames: 2000

FPS: 20.00000

Focal length: 819


Lack of clear nights caused me to consider other astro alternatives. I tracked this particular transit over the course of a month. Clouds came in as soon as it was over! Me and my local astronomy club president were able to set up in a parking lot near the center of the predicted path. We both captured video with our laptops while we tried to observe the transit with eclipse glasses. We couldn't see it visually probably due to the very short 0.54 second duration - we tried not to blink! This was a very fun experience and will try this again as the ISS's path permits.

Some information on this particular transit:

Friday 2017-06-30 14:08:11.03 • Solar transit
ISS angular size: 63.66″; distance: 434.07 km
Angular separation: 3.3′; azimuth: 222.9°; altitude: 70.3°
Center line distance: 0.47 km; visibility path width: 4.22 km
Transit duration: 0.53 s; transit chord length: 30.8′
R.A.: 06h 39m; Dec: +23° 10′; parallactic angle: -33.2°
ISS velocity: 58.5 ′/s (angular); 7.39 km/s (transverse)
ISS velocity: -0.08 km/s (radial); 7.39 km/s (total);
Direction of motion relative to zenith: 90.4°
Sun angular size: 31.5′; 29.7 times larger than the ISS
The small sunspot at upper right is 2664

Thanks for looking,




Dan Goelling
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  • ISS Solar Transit, 


            Dan Goelling
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    ISS Solar Transit, 


            Dan Goelling


ISS Solar Transit, 


            Dan Goelling