Contains: M 29, NGC 6913, NGC 6910, gamma Cyg nebula, IC 1318, IC 4996, Crescent nebula, NGC 6888, NGC 6883, IC 1311, The star 40Cyg, The star Sadr (γCyg), The star 36Cyg, The star 34Cyg, The star 29Cyg, The star 28Cyg
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IC1318, Sadr and NGC6888, from italian western alps!

Technical card

Imaging telescope or lens: Canon 200mm USM F2.8 L II

Imaging camera: Canon EOS 600D full spectrum mod

Mount: Sky-Watcher HEQ5

Guiding telescope or lens: Tecnosky 60/228

Guiding camera: lacerta mgen2

Software: photoshopDeepSkyStackerESA/ESO/NASA FITS Liberator 3.0

Resolution: 2000x1332 job: 1665359

RA center: 304.543 degrees

DEC center: 38.632 degrees

Pixel scale: 11.839 arcsec/pixel

Orientation: 93.026 degrees

Field radius: 3.951 degrees

Locations: Cugn di Goria - Colle di Sampeyre, Sampeyre, CN, Italy


after 11 months we have returned to this paradise @2400m on the alps :)



xamad (gianni)

Sky plot

Sky plot


IC1318, Sadr and NGC6888, from italian western alps!, xamad (gianni)