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Sharpening the perception, 


             Astroavani - Avani Soares

Sharpening the perception

Sharpening the perception, 


             Astroavani - Avani Soares

Sharpening the perception


Imaging Telescopes Or Lenses
JaGam eye (Celestron C14 EDGE HD)
Imaging Cameras
x (Astronomik Filtro L)
Tele Vue Powermate 2x
Fitswork · Fire Capture · AS!2

Acquisition details

Resolution: 1100x827

Locations: Observatório Parsec, Canoas, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil


How not to be drawn to the presence of Aristarchus with its intense brilliance beyond the enigmatic Vallis Schroter suggesting the lunar night.

It is they who call us attention at first, are they that stand out greatly in this photograph. Photography that some may not realize, but which is quite difficult to obtain good results, this is due to the intense shine caused by the Sun at such a low angle, striking against the west wall of Aristarchus. Usually photos so close to the terminator are always more difficult, and with a crater of high albedo the walls are usually exposed, which here fortunately did not occur since it is possible to see up to the terraces.

Even so what struck me in this picture was none of these characteristics. A good lunar astrophotographer has to try to see what others can not see, or just let go.

What caught my attention in this photo was the opportunity to record in an evident way a little known formation that is Rupes Toscanelli.

Rupes Straight on the Mare Nubium ( is certainly the best known of the type, but Toscanelli also has its attractions and although it does not have the same magnitude of Rupes Recta, certainly is a compulsory itinerary for the dedicated selenogists.

Rupes - A steep escarpment or precipice produced by tension in the lunar crust, fault and relative horizontal movement between two blocks of the crust.

Now that you already know that it exists, will you be able to locate it in that photograph?

I hope you succeed!

Adaptation and text: Avani Soares



Sharpening the perception, 


             Astroavani - Avani Soares