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A Birthday Saturn!, 


             Astroavani - Avani Soares

A Birthday Saturn!


Imaging Telescopes Or Lenses
Celestron EdgeHD 14"
Imaging Cameras
x (Astronomik Filtro L)
Tele Vue Powermate 2x
Registax 6 · Fitswork · Fire Capture · AS!2 · Photofiltre - Irfan

Acquisition details

Resolution: 688x576

Locations: Observatório Parsec, Canoas, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil


You will say that I am exaggerating, or perhaps simply that I am too detailed, but I relied for several months on posting this picture because it was not exactly as I wished.

I made several processings, some of them could not highlight the C-ring, in others the noise was beyond tolerable.

Finally I got a middle ground that although it is still not as I would like, at least highlighted the main features on Saturn that a photo that prises should have, are they; C ring distinctly distinct, Cassini division well detached, Encke division partially visible at the edges, stripes of the planet prominently prominent and in a nice colorful, polar hexagonal-shaped hurricane evident and finally we can see through the division of Cassini part of the south pole of the planet .

The snag was on account of the eye of the polar hurricane that can only be seen very willingly, the bands that could be sharper and the noise that could be a little smaller, but what really displeased me was the right edge of the planet with a double limbo that just can not see who does not want to.

Finally a photo a little faded but a planetary photographer who values ​​himself knows how to recognize the negatives of a photo, because only this way will try to improve.

It is wrong to learn, but it is mainly with humility that progresses!

PS: The title refers to the fact that the photo was made on my birthday.

Avani Soares



    A Birthday Saturn!, 


             Astroavani - Avani Soares
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    A Birthday Saturn!, 


             Astroavani - Avani Soares


A Birthday Saturn!, 


             Astroavani - Avani Soares