Contains: NGC 672, IC 1727
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NGC 672 and IC 1727 (2 panels)

Technical card

Imaging telescope or lens: The Liverpool Telescope

Imaging camera: IO:O

Software: Maxim DL, Gimp

Resolution: 2925x2972

Bessell-B: 6x75"
Bessell-V: 6x70"
SDSS-R: 6x60"
Sloan g': 3x300"

Integration: 0.6 hours job: 1813908

RA center: 26.919 degrees

DEC center: 27.400 degrees

Pixel scale: 0.301 arcsec/pixel

Orientation: 0.185 degrees

Field radius: 0.174 degrees


* Image acquisition by: The Liverpool Telescope.
* Processing: Ruben Barbosa.

NGC 672 and IC 1727 are two interacting galaxies at a distance ~20 million light years.
The distance between the two galaxies is less then 100.000 light-years.



Ruben Barbosa

Sky plot

Sky plot


NGC 672 and IC 1727 (2 panels), Ruben Barbosa