Hemisphere:  Northern  ·  Contains:  California nebula  ·  NGC 1499
Ngc1499 HaRvb 22H50, 


            Maxime Tessier
Ngc1499 HaRvb 22H50
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Ngc1499 HaRvb 22H50

Technical card

Imaging telescopes or lenses: William Optics FLT 98 Triplet APO

Imaging cameras: Atik 383L+

Mounts: SkyWatcher AZ EQ6 GT

Guiding telescopes or lenses: Starlight Xpress OAG

Guiding cameras: iNova Pla-M

Focal reducers: William Optics 0.8x Flattener IV

Software: Software Bisque The Sky X Pro  ·  PHD guiding phd-guiding  ·  Pixinsight 1.8  ·  Adobe Photoshop CC 2015

Filters: Baader B 2"  ·  Baader G 2"  ·  Baader R 2"  ·  Baader Ha 2" 7nm CCD

Accessory: Starlight Xpress SX USB Filter Wheel 5 x 2"  ·  UsbFocus Controller and robofocus motor

Dates:Nov. 26, 2017Dec. 12, 2017Dec. 16, 2017

Baader B 2": 17x300" -20C bin 1x1
Baader Ha 2" 7nm CCD: 55x1200" -20C bin 1x1
Baader G 2": 19x300" -20C bin 1x1
Baader R 2": 18x300" -20C bin 1x1

Integration: 22.8 hours

Darks: ~42

Flats: ~21

Bias: ~1136

Avg. Moon age: 19.80 days

Avg. Moon phase: 26.41%

Bortle Dark-Sky Scale: 4.00

Mean FWHM: 1.80

Temperature: 2.00

Basic astrometry details

Astrometry.net job: 1864713

RA center: 4h 0' 26"

DEC center: +36° 34' 40"

Pixel scale: 2.184 arcsec/pixel

Orientation: 183.267 degrees

Field radius: 1.260 degrees

Resolution: 3332x2480

Locations: Argelliers A.L.B.E Observatory, Argelliers, Hérault, France



Maxime Tessier
License: None (All rights reserved)


    Ngc1499 HaRvb 22H50, 


            Maxime Tessier
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    Ngc1499 HaRvb 22H50, 


            Maxime Tessier

Sky plot

Sky plot


Ngc1499 HaRvb 22H50, 


            Maxime Tessier