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Testando a QHY 5L, 


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Testando a QHY 5L


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Acquisition details

Date: Jan. 18, 2012

Time: 22:46

Frames: 540

FPS: 68

Focal length: 3040

CMII: 286.10

Seeing: 1

Resolution: 420x342

Locations: Observatório Parsec, Canoas, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil


I got first light with QHY camera. I did some tests with the Moon in daylight, there were no big deal, since I got nothing better to SPC, but .... I was just testing parameters and me getting used to the controls.

After that was already beginning to want to understand the chinezinha decided to make a decision because Jupiter had nighted.

Well you know how it is when something like this comes the curse manifests itself, it was hot and muggy, showing the moon was shaking too much turbulence, so imagine that Jupiter was still lower than the moon!

To make matters worse, a veil of clouds scattered about the planet, opened, closed, I could only do a single film and then closed completely.

As things were really bad, I decided not to risk it and just used the Ultrascópic 2X Barlow Orion, the Powermate left for another time.

The software was capturing the SharpCapture that is easier to operate but with QHY many commands that appeared with the SPC on this camera are gone, such as contrast, saturation, brightness. The range and FPS are automatic is the program that defines and I can not do anything. But the FPS varies ROI and ranges from 30 to 120 as the resolution used.

Fire In Capture has more commands but operants range also does not work and only works with 29 FPS FPS independent ROI used. Nor has contrast and brightness.

Anyway it showed me that these two programs are not yet fully operational with the camera.

For this would be the best use EZPlanetary which is the program's original camera, but this I'll have to spend a lot of time to understand and learn to use.

In any event, and with all this limitation follows the first and only Jupiter captured tonight.

There was better because I could only shoot for 15 seconds, using only 540 frames to stack on AS! 2 and Registax.

12" GSO + QHY 5L + 2x barlow Orion.



Testando a QHY 5L, 


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