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Contains:  Star trails
The Cross Star Trail, 


            Van H. McComas

The Cross Star Trail

Technical card

Resolution: 6000x4000

Data source: Traveller


The Cross Star Trail

This was shot between 7:15 pm and 8:45 pm on January 5, 2019, I shot a total of 180 images but dropped one out because if contained an airplane trying to photo bomb my star trail. I had a grander plan for this project but ran into one major problem, light pollution produced by the lights on and around the church. I started with a 16 mm lens but the parking lot and church lights blew out the entire sky, then I went with the 35 mm but had the same results, so I switched to the 85 mm Rokinon lens. So after using up 20 minutes just getting the right lens in the dark I took a nice test image and then realize I had set up on the wrong star. My plan was to set up so Polaris would be just above the Cross but with the light pollution I could only see Kochab. Realizing that (a) I can’t set up a star I can’t see and (b) to set up on Polaris I would have to move closer the too church and aim higher putting me more in the light pollution. Using the Sky View app on my phone I found Polaris and the set up would put me in the driveway of the parking lot which was used a lot for the two hours I was there. So, I went with what I had. I will have to find another church with fewer lights and deeper in the county.

My settings, in case you care to know, on the Canon Rebel T7i (800D) was an ISO of 200, f/4, 20 seconds shutter speed with the interval meter set to shoot every 30 seconds.



Van H. McComas
License: None (All rights reserved)


The Cross Star Trail, 


            Van H. McComas

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