Hemisphere:  Northern  ·  Contains:  IC 5070  ·  NGC 6960  ·  NGC 6992  ·  NGC 7000  ·  North America Nebula  ·  Part of the constellation Cepheus (Cep)  ·  Part of the constellation Cygnus (Cyg)  ·  Part of the constellation Lyra (Lyr)  ·  Part of the constellation Sagitta (Sge)  ·  Pelican Nebula  ·  The constellation Lacerta (Lac)  ·  The star Albireo (β1Cyg)  ·  The star Alderamin (αCep)  ·  The star Deneb (αCyg)  ·  The star Gienah (εCyg)  ·  The star Sadr (γCyg)  ·  The star Sulafat (γLyr)  ·  The star Vega (αLyr)  ·  The star δCyg  ·  The star ζCep  ·  The star ζCyg  ·  Veil Nebula
Cygnus constellation, 


            Artūras Medvedevas
Cygnus constellation
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Technical card

Imaging telescopes or lenses: Samyang 14 mm f/ 2.8

Imaging cameras: Starlight Xpress SX694

Mounts: SkyWatcher Star Adventuer

Filters: Astrodon OIII 1.25 3nm  ·  Astrodon Ha 1.25 3nm

Dates:July 20, 2019

Astrodon Ha 1.25 3nm: 20x300" -15C bin 1x1
Astrodon OIII 1.25 3nm: 24x300" -15C bin 1x1

Integration: 3.7 hours

Darks: ~30

Flats: ~30

Bias: ~200

Avg. Moon age: 18.04 days

Avg. Moon phase: 88.33%

Basic astrometry details

Astrometry.net job: 3525984

RA center: 20h 37' 58"

DEC center: +45° 1' 22"

Pixel scale: 64.111 arcsec/pixel

Orientation: 33.276 degrees

Field radius: 30.002 degrees

Resolution: 2704x2010

Data source: Traveller


During annual gathering with local amateur astronomers, I borrowed this Samyang lens (unfortunately, it has it's issues as seen in bottom right) as I wanted to do this widefield of whole cygnus area for a while. It still doesnt get completely dark and on top of that, almost full moon was shining, but the outcome is quite pleasing nevertheless, even though the stars do not look that great.



Artūras Medvedevas
License: None (All rights reserved)

Sky plot

Sky plot


Cygnus constellation, 


            Artūras Medvedevas