Contains:  Extremely wide field
HII regions in Cygnus, gerlos
HII regions in Cygnus, gerlos



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Wide field view of Milky Way in Cygnus, around Deneb and Sadr. You can see North America Nebula, Pelican Nebula, IC1318, several star clusters, dark nebulae and smaller emission nebulae (like Cocoon Nebula, bottom left).

This stack include both frames taken at f/1.8, which provided a lot of signal, mostly in nebulae, but also many optical aberrations and less sharpness, and frames taken at f/5.6, which provided optically better images, but less signal. I plan to take some more frames at f/5.6, with a better lens and maybe without any filter, for better sharpness and color balance.

This shot is almost unprocessed: I just calibrated and stacked all my light frames from last and previous summer nights, and just applied a little histogram tuning. The large amount of decent data did the rest, giving me this nice shot, that will be my starting point for next processing work.

Comparing it with my older version (see, based on a smaller subset of light frames, in this one seems to have less noise, but it's also less sharp. Need to find a way to make it sharper, using PixInsight.

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