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Starless Caldwell 49, 


            Nico Augustin

Starless Caldwell 49

Imaging telescopes or lenses: William Optics RedCat 51 Petzval APO

Imaging cameras: ZWO ASI294MC Pro

Mounts: SkyWatcher EQM 35 Pro SynScan GoTo  ·  iOptron CEM25P

Guiding telescopes or lenses: ZWO 30mm f/4 Mini Guide Scope

Guiding cameras: ZWO AS120MC-S  ·  QHYCCD QHY5L-IIc

Software: Topaz Labs DeNoise AI  ·  StarNet++  ·  Astro Pixel Processor  ·  Photoshop CC

Filters: Optolong L-eNhance

Accessory: Ikarus Technologies StellarMate OS  ·  Raspberry Pi 3 B+

Dates:Jan. 22, 2020March 15, 2020

27x180" (gain: 120.00) 0C
40x300" (gain: 171.00) -15C

Integration: 4.7 hours

Darks: ~45

Flats: ~37

Flat darks: ~50

Avg. Moon age: 24.22 days

Avg. Moon phase: 32.88%

Bortle Dark-Sky Scale: 5.50

Temperature: 14.00

Basic astrometry details job: 3326282

Resolution: 1918x1918

Locations: N von Selenter See bei Gut Salzow, Fargau-Pratjau, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany; KAUST Backyard, Thuwal, Makkah, Saudi Arabia

Data source: Traveller


Starless Caldwell 49 aka the Rosette Nebula! 🤩 The few stars of NGC2244 I let in as they are closely associated to this nebulosity and formed from its matter.
The image is based on 4:40 hrs of data, collected over two sessions with a RedCat 51 and ASI 294 MC Pro. After calibration and integration in Astro Pixel Processor, the starless picture was created with StarNet++ and finished in Photoshop (with a little Corel Photo-Paint).



Starless Caldwell 49, 


            Nico Augustin