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Zodical light and the Southern Hemisphere Night Sky

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Resolution: 3000x2000 job: 217797


Our galaxy's core and Southern Hemisphere night sky, as seen overhead in the dark skies of the Karoo desert, near Sutherland, South Africa.

This was shot with a #Canon 5DmkII, Canon f4 L 8-15mm fisheye lens, and Manfrotto tripod during a recent astrotrip with Tanja Sund.

Also visible in this photo is Venus (bottom left), the large and small Megellanic clouds, LMC/SMC (lower right) and the difficult to photograph Zodiacal light, the large cone-shaped light in the lower left of the image.

Zodiacal light is the light from the sun reflecting off dust in the zodiacal cloud in the solar system. The dust is left over from planetary formation and can only be seen near sunrise or sunset at certain times of the year. It is so faint that any light pollution or moonlight renders it invisible.



Cory Schmitz


Zodical light and the Southern Hemisphere Night Sky, 


        Cory Schmitz