Hemisphere:  Southern  ·  Constellation: Reticulum (Ret)  ·  Contains:  NGC 1313
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NGC 1313, 


            Scotty Bishop
NGC 1313
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NGC 1313

Imaging telescopes or lenses: ASA500:3.6 Corrected Newtonian

Imaging cameras: FLI PL16083

Mounts: ASA DDM85

Software: Adobe Photoshop 2021  ·  Aries Productions Astro Pixel Precessor

Filters: Astrodon L  ·  Astrodon B  ·  Astrodon G  ·  Astrodon R

Astrodon B: 4x300" bin 1x1
Astrodon G: 8x300" bin 1x1
Astrodon L: 12x600" bin 1x1
Astrodon R: 7x300" bin 1x1

Integration: 3.6 hours

Astrometry.net job: 4240748

RA center: 3h 18' 12"

DEC center: -66° 30' 28"

Pixel scale: 0.953 arcsec/pixel

Orientation: 90.423 degrees

Field radius: 0.736 degrees

Resolution: 3826x4031

Data source: Amateur hosting facility


Here's NGC 1313 and it is the first of my RGB images that I included the L channel on. Mainly because when I combined the L channel I couldn't get much color out of them before. Well, I figured it out, so I think I will start including them. Still cold, still cloudy, still far too much snow here, so it is another one I can't get from here so it was via remote observatory, telescope.live, that this is from.



  • NGC 1313, 


            Scotty Bishop
  • Final
    NGC 1313, 


            Scotty Bishop


Description: Adjusted the background a bit

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Sky plot

Sky plot


NGC 1313, 


            Scotty Bishop

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