Hemisphere:  Northern  ·  Constellation: Cepheus (Cep)
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Sh2-155 (C9) Cave Nebula, 


Sh2-155 (C9) Cave Nebula
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Sh2-155 (C9) Cave Nebula

Technical card

Imaging telescopes or lenses: Celestron 9.25" EdgeHD

Imaging cameras: ZWO Optical ASI 294 MC PRO

Mounts: Celestron CGEMⅡ

Guiding cameras: ZWO ASI 174mm Mini

Focal reducers: Hyperstar Edge HD HyperStar for Celestron EdgeHD

Software: PixInsight 1.8.6 PixInsight

Filters: Optolong L-pro

Dates:Sept. 2, 2019

Frames: 42x120"

Integration: 1.4 hours

Avg. Moon age: 3.55 days

Avg. Moon phase: 13.61%

Basic astrometry details

Astrometry.net job: 2940191

RA center: 22h 57' 4"

DEC center: +62° 40' 33"

Pixel scale: 0.926 arcsec/pixel

Orientation: 155.771 degrees

Field radius: 1.273 degrees

Resolution: 1824x1237

Locations: Del Rio, Del Rio, Texas, United States

Data source: Backyard


Sh2-155 (Caldwell 9) is known as the Cave Nebula and is 2,400 light years from Earth in the constellation of Cepheus. It's a diffuse nebula approximately 70 light years in diameter belonging to a larger region of emissions nebulae, reflection nebulae, and dark dust clouds.

This was one of the last photos I took in Del Rio, TX and (like the others I've posted) it comes with an interesting story.. On this night I along with my observing partners (my doggies) played host to 2 very vocal screech owls. I'm not sure if you've heard one of these owls sound off before but it is a very eerie, blood curdling sound and I encourage you to look it up on the internet.

The first time they sounded off it was about midnight and very quiet. My dogs and I both jumped at the sound and my poor little Pomapoo (Pomeranian Poodle mix) wet himself he was so scared! Even my Lab-German Shepard mix cowered and started whimpering. For my part I took cover around the side of the building (and nearly soiled myself) as I had never heard one of these owls before and was fairly convinced that we were being haunted by some otherworldly spirit.



  • Sh2-155 (C9) Cave Nebula, 


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    Sh2-155 (C9) Cave Nebula, 



Sky plot

Sky plot


Sh2-155 (C9) Cave Nebula,