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Enable public data pools for premium members with atom subscription

03 Mar, 2016 08:02
Dear Salvatore,

I just recognized that it is not possible anymore to upload .fit files to public data pools. Even though I am a premium member, it seems to be impossible with the atom subscription. The 500mb I have are much too less for storing large amounts of raw data and I also don't plan to do such things. However, the 500mb can hold 2-3 stacked .fit files that could be made accessible in the public data pool. As far as I understood, the different subscriptions are meant as raw data storage option. I kindly ask you to enable the  funcionality to also use the 500mb for public data pools.

Kind regards,
03 Mar, 2016 09:25
Hi Björn,
if that's the case, then it's unintended. Can you explain what happens if you try to upload .fit files? Is your Atom subscription activated?

03 Mar, 2016 09:55
Ah well, forget my request! I didn`t find the link to upload the fit to a public pool because I was always navigating into the folder and trying to share the file. But one needs to share the folder itself!
03 Mar, 2016 09:56
Good that you sorted it out  smile
03 Mar, 2016 09:58
Actually wait, you can share single files. Just click on the table row and the share button will appear.
03 Mar, 2016 10:01
You are right! I always clicked on the file name, because there is no visual feedback that the table row is clickable. Maybe an idea for your to-do list. smile
Thanks for helping!
Edit: Okay, it changes from dark grey to not-so dark grey. I am completely wrong here.. smile
Edited 03 Mar, 2016 10:02
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