Focal Ratio in acquisition details

03 Oct, 2017 00:24
More people are using camera lenses, and they are stopping down the aperture. I have found the focal ratio (f/ aka f-stop) to be a very important bit of information. Please put a field for f/ in the Acquisition session: screen forms  Wherever one can enter an ISO or gain, one should be able to enter a f/.
03 Oct, 2017 18:15
I second to this.
05 Oct, 2017 22:10
Yes, that would be a very useful information within the technical cards! Support that idea :-)
05 Oct, 2017 23:18
I support this proposal too.
08 Oct, 2017 02:25
Me too!
09 Oct, 2017 20:06
+10 smile
10 Oct, 2017 17:11
I _usually_ remember to put this in the description, but it would be nice to have a dedicated field for sure.
12 Oct, 2017 09:25
The used aperture and also the used focal length for zoom objectives.
13 Oct, 2017 09:17
Duh, I should have thought of the used focal length. That would be a good field too.
11 Mar, 2018 10:04
+1 from me! I switch between f/2, f/2.4 and f/2.8 with my 135mm Samy and I would love to have that noted in my image details.
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