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Image aquisition field

25 Jan, 2017 03:07
In the image aquisition field, is it possible to include a date range (from-to) rather than a single date? Rarely do I finish data capture on a single imaging session and aquisition is usually spread over several days (and often spanning a lunar cycle).

25 Jan, 2017 06:37
That's a good idea. I'm thinking about refactoring the whole thing to make it easier.

Something like from and to dates, and number and duration for each filter if applicable.

I guess most people are not interested in remembering in which single dates they acquired X or Y hours specifically.

What does everybody think about this?
25 Jan, 2017 15:04
I agree that there should be a date range option.  Like the OP, I almost never capture an image in a single session.  While it is nice that one can enter detailed filter/time info, I think the interface causes many, myself included, to not bother.  I think there is relatively little value in knowing that level of detail.  I would be much more likely to input the details in my images if the interface allowed me to just enter total time or total time by filter.  I think the input should be fairly free form to encourage use.  For instance, I think I should be able to enter time using any of these forms 5.4h, 5h40, 540m, 27.3m, 120s, 7h50m12s.  In fact I'd like to be able to enter something like, 5h20L, 1h R, 1h20G, 54m B.  The parsed data should be presented in a uniform format, I suggest just hours, e.g., 5.47 by filter.  I would impose uniform filter names, i.e., R G B L Ha OIII SII NII Hb etc.
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