Image description in email link
20 Jul, 2016 06:49
It'd be great to have a description/title of the image liked in email notifications. Having just the URL with Id unless one remembers the Id for their images, you need to click through to see what image of yours it was that was liked.
21 Jul, 2016 05:27
Ditto! Almost submitted this yesterday, but you beat me to it!
12 Mar, 2018 19:34
Could this be done?  I noticed you recently revamped the email format, how about changing that link to be the description of the image?

"New image .."
"Image revision…"

Perhaps the subject as well, as when someone likes your image.
12 Mar, 2018 20:18
Totally, I can also add a thumbnail of the image smile
13 Mar, 2018 00:15
Thank You Salvatore smile  Great work with Astrobin!
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