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Make Forum/Explore/Help menus work on mobile browsers

08 Mar, 2016 18:39
When I use Astrobin in Chrome on my Android phone, I can click the menu icon in the upper left corner and I see the drop down containing Forum, Explore, and Help. I can click on any of those and get the next level drop down. However, I'm unable to click any item in that final drop down level, e.g. The Big Wall, FAQ, Latest Topics. Trying to select any of them takes me back to the Forum/Explore/Help level.
09 Mar, 2016 01:55
It never worked as long as I've been on AstroBin. For now, you could use these links to navigate around some of the website, perhaps add them to your home-screen in a folder:

Edited 09 Mar, 2016 01:57
23 Apr, 2016 13:27
Hi I agree could this be fixed please.  Thanks.
17 Sep, 2016 13:50
Fixed!  smile
17 Sep, 2016 15:39
17 Sep, 2016 18:07
17 Sep, 2016 18:43
Mobile works great now, but the notifications shade on desktop offsets to the right instead of the left like it use to. Making my browser anything other than maximized now means that I can't mark them as read.
17 Sep, 2016 18:44
Hey Ethan yes, I noticed, I'm working on it right now :-)

EDIT: you get a full rehaul of the notifications UI!

  • Off the dropdown menu, onto a modal dialog
  • In the dialog you see every unseen notification, plus the latest seen ones
  • Marking as read works as before
  • As a bonus, even the full list of the notifications, accessed via the "View all" button, now looks better
Edited 17 Sep, 2016 20:51
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