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Sort by sampling

06 Feb, 2018 10:41
Ciao Salvatore,

I'm wondering if it's possible to add a 'sort by sampling' criteria to sort the results of a search operation (or wherever a sort is possibile).
You have the arcsec/px information thanks to so you should have it for mostly of the deepsky image since it's not depending by a optional work of the author (data entry).

Another useful feature would be the possibility to seach images by sensor (eg. "sensor: Kaf-8300", "sensor: ICX694", "sensor: Panasonic MN34230" ecc.),
but I know that it is a more tricky, if not impossible, enhancement since until now there are neither no possibility to specify information about the sensor used in the images nor correlation between camera bodies and sensor (without mention that equipment can be specified by different authors with different naming conventions).. But maybe something can be done for fill this gap in the future.

Anyway these are just my two cents that could improve an already well developed and maintained site for which I want take the opportunity to congratulate and say thank you!

06 Feb, 2018 10:49
Ciao Stefano,
yes, sort by sampling is possible and not too difficult.

Sort by sensor would only work if the sensor name is somewhere in the image title/description or gear used, because those get mapped to a regular text search.

Unfortunately tho AstroBin doesn't currently support search faceting, so I cannot highlight the thing you searched for in the results.

Search is something that needs a big revamp, I wish I had the time! All will happen, but with the 4-8 hours I week I get to dedicate to AstroBin (including user support), everything takes forever. Sorry about it.
06 Feb, 2018 11:34
Grazie Salvatore,
don't worry at all about the sensor search, I didn't expect a implement in the next future (as mention I didn't even know if it was possibile). It's just something I missed it sometime during my searches and I took the opportunity of this 'sort by sampling' enhancement request to tell it to you..
I know time is a tyrant but despite of that you're doing a great job mainteining the site and improving features and performance day by day. One more time, thank you!

Edited 06 Feb, 2018 11:35
21 Nov, 2018 14:37
this is now implemented and will be released soon!
21 Nov, 2018 16:39
Ciao Salvatore,
great news! Thanks a lot!
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