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Zoom and fly over

02 Feb, 2016 15:27
Flickr has an attractive feature that when you move the mouse over a photo, it changes the cursor to a magnifying glass and then zooms into a larger version of the photo when clicked. Then you can move the image arround in high resolution. I like it a lot! Would it be possible to implement a similar feature in Astrobin?
Thanks for the attention!
02 Feb, 2016 18:25
Hi Luiz,
theoretically, yes. In practice? It would be really low on the priority list because I'm just one man and there is SO MUCH to do. smile
03 Feb, 2016 20:35
Fine, Salvatore. And what about an option to go straight to the hi-res image?
03 Feb, 2016 20:37
Do you mean going from the normal size (with technical card, comments, etc) straight to the "real pixels" option instead of the HD one (1920px wide)?
03 Feb, 2016 20:42
Exactly!  smile
03 Feb, 2016 20:47
I can add that as a menu entry in the View menu this week smile
03 Feb, 2016 21:04
04 Feb, 2016 18:35
Done! Thanks for the suggestion!  smile
06 Feb, 2016 12:13
Great! Thank you!   smile
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