404s Using search

11 Apr, 2018 22:27
This is happening more often. When I search on occasion I'll get a 404. Searching again returns results. While browsing the images returned in a search, if I click on an image, then click the back button, I occasionally get a 404. Also while browsing the images returned in a search, simply click on the NEXT page button will sometimes return a 404.
11 Apr, 2018 22:30
More clearly, on the first issue I mentioned above, when I search, it will return No Results. Clicking search again returns results. The others go to your 404 error page.
12 Apr, 2018 01:59
have same issues re search and 404 .. so I can replicate this same
14 Apr, 2018 12:25

in my case, rather often there is the problem that it lasts too long time when I click, for example, from my own pictures to the Home site of astrobin. In many cases I see "Bad Gateway" and there is no connection any more.

greetings to all

astrobrandy (stefan)
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