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502 Bad Gateway uploading large (100 MB+) image

07 Jan, 2019 13:23
Hi - I've tried about 10 times since last night with IE and Chrome browsers but cannot get this large image to upload as a new revision or a new image.  The image is about 6000 x 8000 pixels and 115 MB.  Please advise.

The error in browser looks like:

502 Bad Gateway

I will time it - could be the server times out the upload.

I am not sure such a large image is even a great idea.  I have done one grayscale upload of similar pixel dimensions, but the RGB of same size and file type (png) has more data and has more bytes, etc.

Trying to upload a new revision here:

115,793 KB file size for the RGB

It takes about 1 minute to upload and the upload meter in the Chrome browser shows it full upload, then it hangs there for about 20-30 seconds and then returns the 502 error message.

Thank you,
Scott Stirling
Graham, NC
Edited 07 Jan, 2019 13:51
07 Jan, 2019 14:27
Hi Scott,
images that large are not supported. I know AstroBin says "no limits", but there are technological barriers that make things difficult, and 100 MB is really large for an image.
07 Jan, 2019 16:35
Ah, OK, thanks, Salvatore!  Good to know and OK.  I'll resample it and resize make it fit … thanks again!

Scott S
Edited 07 Jan, 2019 16:50
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