Language settings

22 Feb, 2018 00:50
Hi Salvatore,

my standard language is set to English, but the site always comes in German. I tried to delete all cookies, but that didn't help either. Any suggestions?
Thank you! Andreas
22 Feb, 2018 20:49

Mine is in Italian but the language is also set to English.

Note: I fixed the issue by doing a CTRL+F5..

Clear skies,
Edited 22 Feb, 2018 20:58
22 Feb, 2018 22:19
Hmm, and in my smartphone??! Thank you though! CS, Andreas
22 Feb, 2018 22:26
Andreas Dietz
Hmm, and in my smartphone??!
Hi Andreas, if you are using Firefox:
To reload a page tap the 3 dot menu in the upper right and then in the menu that appears press the reload button. You can force a completely clean load of the page by long pressing on the reload button.
Edited 22 Feb, 2018 22:26
23 Feb, 2018 06:29
Thank you for the suggestions, but none of these works either…
CS, Andreas
23 Feb, 2018 06:54
Hi Andreas,
could you try temporarily switching to some other language and then back to English using the globe icon at the top of the site?
18 Mar, 2018 10:52
Hi! I have the same problem as Andreas. Language is set to english, but some of the image captions are italian I guess (A Niall MacNeill e 11 altri piace questa immagine.)
Changing languages back and forth and CTRL+F5 did not help. Firefox 59
18 Mar, 2018 11:09
It’s a server side caching bug, I will fix it soon.
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