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Log ins not being Saved?

26 Feb, 2018 18:38
Anyone else having to log in every time they visit the site?

Happening to me on mobile Chrome on Android.

And both Firefox/chrome on Windows 7/Windows 10.
26 Feb, 2018 19:00

Yes- also with Firefox or Safari.
Same Problem

CS Gabriel
26 Feb, 2018 21:20
I've also noticed having to log in frequently on Edge.
26 Feb, 2018 22:04
I have noticed it too after the server migration. Sessions are stored in memcached for performance reason. I will switch to cookie based sessions with the next release.
27 Feb, 2018 20:37
Yes, I have the same problem
02 Mar, 2018 09:23
Should be fixed with yesterday night's release. (Not that everybody was logged out because of that, but now the login should persist longer)
02 Mar, 2018 09:26
Thanks Salvatore. smile
11 Mar, 2018 02:16
Still an issue with Firefox
11 Mar, 2018 06:43
Does your browser accept cookies from AstroBin?
11 Mar, 2018 09:29
Hi Salvatore, yes it does.

When I logged on via my PC yesterday it didn't remember the login, but then did for the rest of the day and then when I logged in via my iPad it forgot it again.
11 Mar, 2018 09:37
Yeah well it’s a different device, that’s why.
11 Mar, 2018 09:38
Your login will be remembered from now on, on a per-device basis.
11 Mar, 2018 09:42
Salvatore Iovene
Your login will be remembered from now on, on a per-device basis.

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