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What is going on with the site???

27 Jan, 2018 16:21
Is anyone else reporting the site being EXCRUCIATINGLY slow? It's been like this for me for 4 days now.

I've tried on my cell phone. On my computer at work. It's been almost unusable.

It it was better last night, but then it went into a site update, and now it's terrible again.  😔
27 Jan, 2018 16:52
Hi Damien, I have had a few reports and I'm investigating. It's hard to debug because it works super fast for me.

For anybody experiencing slow pages, please do me a favor and try to open the following pages:

Thanks to that ?silk_intercept part at the end I will be able to collect some more information about performance. But please only do this if you are experiencing slowness!

Sorry everybody for the inconvenience, I'm working on it.
27 Jan, 2018 17:03
it take more than 2 minutes to execute the complete sequence :-(
27 Jan, 2018 17:12
Is it only the home page that's particularly slow, or all pages? Is it fast if you log out and view the website as logged out?
27 Jan, 2018 17:26
Everything works fine for me! (Win10/Chrome)
27 Jan, 2018 18:13
Hey guys, I just added some caching to the home page (it was the slowest page on the website) and now it's considerably faster. The whole website is very snappy for me, but there's a problem with some accounts: they are unable to open any page when they are logged in because something very slow is happening and I still cannot figure out what, because the requests don't even complete so I can't collect the logs. I think those instances also slow down the site a bit for everyone else, but for me right now it's extremely fast.

I will keep investigating what is going on with the broken accounts.
27 Jan, 2018 18:14
Okay I have a lead. I just managed to log in into one of the broken accounts, and it has over 8200 unread notifications. Maybe that's the problem!
27 Jan, 2018 18:28
I have confirmed my lead. For every notification, I convert the notification time to the user's timezone, and that results in 2 db queries. For the user with 8200 notifications, that was 16400 queries. I will first of all not load all unread notifications in the first place, and avoid those queries next.
27 Jan, 2018 18:36
Working nice and fast here in Australia    smile
27 Jan, 2018 18:42
Should be fixed now! Thank you all SO MUCH for your patience :-)
27 Jan, 2018 18:49
Problem solved! I had 6,000 unread notifications. Just marked them all as read.
27 Jan, 2018 19:50
just 1000 notification but after marked them.. it's ok

28 Jan, 2018 08:55
Over the last 24 hours I’m finding I have clicked ‘like’ on an image only to find when subsequently logging in that the image shows its like unticked.  I’m also finding that imager names or the like button missing from some images, seemingly at random.

Anyone else experiencing this behaviour?
28 Jan, 2018 09:12
Hi Barry,

as far as I can tell all fine here.
28 Jan, 2018 09:32
Thanks Fritz.

I’m using an ipad and for example in my Global Stream, if you are the ‘Fritz’ who has just posted Gems of Auriga, that image does NOT display a like icon.  As another example I have ticked ‘like’ 6 or 7 times now for Andrew Lockwood’s latest image, ie logged in 6 or 7 times and had to tick like each time as it is unticked when I log in.

Maybe this is dependent on the browser used?

Salvatore:  could this be a browser issue?
Edited 28 Jan, 2018 09:33
28 Jan, 2018 10:35
Same problem hier liked images shows unliked, and same with forum topics, read topics shows unread.
Browser : Chrome
Edited 28 Jan, 2018 10:36
28 Jan, 2018 12:58
Now working. Thanks

28 Jan, 2018 13:03
Not working for me, lot of liked images shown as not liked

That means that in the personal stream are lot of images as not liked. If I open the image than is liked.
This "not liked" issue shows only in the personal strem
Edited 28 Jan, 2018 13:16
28 Jan, 2018 13:38
Thanks for the clarification. Indeed, I need to take the like button in the stream out of the cache. I think liking images is working as normal and if you click on the image and go to the image page, then it will show as liked as normal.
28 Jan, 2018 20:28
Experiencing some liked images remaining unliked. Not all of them but some of them.

29 Jan, 2018 05:20
Problem with the like buttons on the home page fixed!
29 Jan, 2018 16:38
Now, I have problems with the background process of after uploading pictures on astrobin. In nearly all cases it has worked without problems but now starts and on the half way it stops and there is no progress any more smile . When I change on the site of (click on the red number below the picture) I can read a lot of data and something like Error, "Debug" or Django setting files !  Is anyone here who can help ? What is the problem ? I only want to enjoy astrobin without problems like this  smile

greetings to all readers
05 Feb, 2018 03:58
Everything is working ok for me.
05 Feb, 2018 18:33
Unfortunately, I can't see any images on the Astrobin, other than the folks avatars. They're not be displayed for some reason.

Have no clue what's going on.
05 Feb, 2018 19:20
Michael, what does your browser say if you try to open a direct link to an image, like the following?
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