Whats wrong with image upload?

07 May, 2018 17:40
Ok…4th try, looked better, but again I had to erase - now I got a 50% thumbnail, again not the whole image in the preview window.

Looks like I'll wait another day or two.
07 May, 2018 17:43
Which image of yours are you talking about, Michael?
07 May, 2018 18:02
Salvatore Iovene
Which image of yours are you talking about, Michael?

Hi Salvatore!

As written, erased it again, thumbnail shown on screen has just been about 50%. You just saw the complete preview image if you moved the mouse over it.

best regards
07 May, 2018 18:05
Then try again when you got the chance, all looks good now from here.
07 May, 2018 18:28
Hehe, I now see the same image 3times online, although I‘ve not uploaded it again.
07 May, 2018 18:33
You have to be more specific, give me the URLs of the images you talk about.
07 May, 2018 18:35
Hi Salvatore!

It‘s my M104, have erased 2, one left and it seems to work now, at least on the iPad viewed right now.
Edited 07 May, 2018 18:36
07 May, 2018 20:11
Thanks Sal, problem fixed.
07 May, 2018 21:46
I just tried to upload three times and get this (within a few seconds), so something is not working. I am not upset or worried but just want you to know smile :
Cheers, Göran
Edited 07 May, 2018 21:50
07 May, 2018 21:48
Still working on finishing touches, sorry everybody.
07 May, 2018 21:58
OK I believe we're good now. What a day! 14 hours on it with hardly a break… 😴
09 May, 2018 06:37
If the problem is finally fixed for everyone or not, I want to take this thread to say a BIG thank you to you Salvatore!! Your work besides your full time job for our community is phantastic. smile

Edited 09 May, 2018 06:38
09 May, 2018 07:37
Yes, thank you Salvatore! smile
09 May, 2018 08:20
Well done Salvatore!  Even though the problem didn't directly affect me,  i'ts so nice to have a dev that fixes bugs!
10 May, 2018 15:46
Hi Salvatore,

Now, there is something wrong also in my case. After uploading there can only be seen text in the public area, no thumbnail. This problem is relatively new for me. It´   s only an information from me. I am sure that you working for a solution. Thank you for that.

Many Greetings

Stefan (astrobrandy)
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