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Gear details not displayed if image uploaded from flickr (and promoted to public area)

02 Apr, 2018 13:59

I may have missed something, but it seems that the gear details (scope, camera, etc…smile are not displayed if the image is  uploaded from flickr and promoted to public area. Is there something that I miss?


Edited 02 Apr, 2018 14:06
02 Apr, 2018 14:06
Yes, Flickr imports are categorized as “Other”. Go the the image’s Basic settings and set it as Deep sky or Solar system etc.
02 Apr, 2018 14:12
Sorry if my question was unclear, I was referring to gear details like: telescope, camera, filters, mounts etc… Although I can edit and save them in the "gear" tab, they do not show up. I did changed from Other to specific settings (solar system,…smile, but it does not seems to help.

EDIT: Ooops sorry now it is ok, I probably did not refresh the page or something like that. Sorry for the noise  smile
Edited 02 Apr, 2018 14:13
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