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Cool Astrobin Mouseover Effect - But How to Replicate?

14 Dec, 2018 15:28
For one of my recent Astrobin images (, mousing over the final image brings up the second image I also posted, which in this case is an annotated version.  I really like this effect and I think it could be useful in many different ways.  However, I am having trouble replicating this effect on subsequent images.  What am I missing?  Is there a special technique or setting to make this happen?

14 Dec, 2018 15:42
Hi Gary,
that's a software bug! It's unintended behaviour that was not planned in the software and it happens very rarely.

I think it might have something to do with uploading the second revision quickly after the first with the same file name or something.
14 Dec, 2018 15:55
Ah, thanks for the quick reply, Salvatore.  I am sorry to hear that - it would be a useful feature if it could be implemented in the software.

FYI, for the image which this worked, my annotated version did not have the same file name, and was not uploaded quickly after the first (you can see that it is revision C).  So the bug must have to do with something else.
14 Dec, 2018 16:00
Hi Gary, that's an interesting suggestion and it would be easy to implement. It would be a settings about what to do on mouseover:

  • Show plate-solved image if available
  • Show inverted image
  • Show revision (select from menu below)
14 Dec, 2018 16:16
Man, Salvatore, that would be fantastic!  I would love that.  The plate-solved image is normally useful, and should be the default, but for many of the faint objects I image, the plate-solved image is empty.  So it would be great to have the ability to show a revision.
14 Dec, 2018 16:18
I've added it to my issue tracker, so it's in the queue to be implemented smile Shouldn't take too long because it's an easy one so I will do it when I need a break from a bigger task smile
21 Dec, 2018 06:14
I think it's time for you to take a break now!     smile
28 Apr, 2019 13:52
I was about to ask this same question. Glad it's on the to do list and look forward to it being implemented.  smile
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