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Feature request: Ways to organize your bookmarks / Ability to search within your bookmarks

14 Feb, 2019 21:15
Hi Salvatore!

I've kind of lost the overview of my bookmarks and I was hoping to be able to organize them in a way that's more helpful for my own target selection, namely: I was wondering if it'd be at all feasible to have one's bookmarks be able to be organized by the month of acquisition (but not by year). So for example, I would tell it 'I want to look at all of my bookmarks that were captured in any February" in order to see what's high in the sky right now and get hits for anything that was captured in February of any year (or January and February or February and March). Another option would be to go by Constellation, but I have absolutely no idea how difficult that'd be to program (certainly harder, I assume).

Secondly, I was wondering if it'd be possible to create a search option within one's bookmarks. I know I've bookmarked a few images that I've had a really hard time finding again.

I know nothing about programming, so I don't know if what I'm asking for would take days out of your life or mere minutes, so I completely understand if it's not possible. Thanks for reading!

14 Feb, 2019 21:19
Nice idea Chris! I would use this all the time if implemented.

15 Feb, 2019 14:32
I like that idea too, if it's at all possible, but that relies on the poster putting in the date it was acquired.

Meanwhile I have made myself a Word file of targets throughout the year, what constellation they are in or if circumpolar.

21 Feb, 2019 19:33
That's true - but that's fine for me. To be honest, I rarely bookmark images without that kind of data.

I actually have a long spreadsheet of targets that I'm constantly updating, but when I wrap up capture, I'd often like to see how others treated the target prior to starting my processing.
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