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I agree


26 Jun, 2019 12:38
Steve Milne
Rodd Dryfoos
Steve Milne
Or this one Vs
Thats MY IMAGE!!!! I certainly can post it at will.And I was pressed to give an example–I refrained for a while regarding the M82.  YOU PEOPLE forced my hand.
I didn’t post these links, Rodd, so I don’t know why you have amended the quotes to make it look like I did.

In Elisabeth’s post, she quoted two examples.  In one, you compare your image with that of Daniel Nobre.  In the one above, you compare your image with that of Fritz.

Only a few posts ago, you agreed that it was inappropriate for users to post such comparisons of their images with other users.  You claimed that you had not done this (in all caps, no less).  Yet it seems that this is precisely what you did - early in this very thread.

Who are “YOU PEOPLE”?

I suggest that you reflect for a bit.

Kevin is correct in all of his points ^.
However I find it remarkable that Rodd claims to have many examples of images that have received
less likes than others - but in his opinion are far better than those.
I’m sorry but unless you have prior judging experience and/or evidence to
back that claim, that statement just sounds like sour grapes to me

Note the word evidence.  In a prior post I said I would like to post examples in blind fashion–Why did someone not complain before now?  Why is Elizabeth the only one complaining?

Now………..Goodbye.  Roberto and I have plans
26 Jun, 2019 12:40
Rodd Dryfoos
didn’t post these links, Rodd, so I don’t know why you have amended the quotes to make it look like I did.
One more point–I just highlighted and clicked quote selected.   Perhaps your toes are in the aisle?

Good day, sir.
26 Jun, 2019 13:35
It's time to close this thread. Looks like everything that could be said has been said and I don't like the way some of you are speaking to one another.
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