subscription plans

22 Jan, 2018 14:15
With the Free plan, you get 10 images, with the lite plan you get 12. Does this mean when you sign up for the lite, do you then have 12 or 22 image spaces? Then after 1 year, you would then get another 12? For a total of either 24 or 34? Sorry just trying to figure things out, and seeing how many new targets I may actually squire each year.
22 Jan, 2018 18:33
for every year that you buy a Lite subscription, you would have "X + 12" images, where X is the number of images you currently have. If you have 0 and buy Lite right away, you only get 12. So I suggest you first use up your first 10, then buy Lite to get 12 image uploads. Each time that you renew your membership, you get 12 more, so you can keep expanding your gallery.
22 Jan, 2018 19:39
Excellent, so I have used my 10, and my next object I will then buy a lite plan, and get 12 more. Thank you for the clarification.
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