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[RCC] mosaic

26 Jul, 2020 23:27
I recently completed my second mosaic attempt using a William Optics 102GT with a ASI2600 MC pro.   I love the Sagittarius star cloud region but is low in the sky all year, highest was 39 degrees.  I thought it was my best work.  Maybe I got too ambitious but I really expected some good response…but not  smile

I put together 6 panels using APP then processed in Pixinsight and named it "Sagittarius Star Cloud Mosaic".  I would appreciate any and all comments.  I just started this hobby 8 months ago and have so very much to learn.

john from Stevenson Ranch CA
27 Jul, 2020 06:28
Nice image John.  Six panels is a lot of work.  A little constructive criticism, and understand this is really about seasoning to personal taste… I would try to reduce the stars a little bit.

As for the lack of attention.. I'm not sure.  I think its a combination of things.   Naturally the exceptional images get a lot of attention and rightfully so.  I also think some of it might be how well known you are.  I also think wide field shots get passed over, the little thumbnails don't do them justice and so they are not grabbing peoples attention.  Just a theory.

I recently shared a 2 panel mosaic that I thought would get more attention than it actually garnered.  The thumbnail looks weird.. almost kind of blurry so I think its just not getting the looks.  It does have you start to question your own work.
27 Jul, 2020 06:31
Hey John, Mosaisc are hard smile and they are very time consumingsmile for 8 months this is amazing, what exactly don't you like about this and what pain points did you have while taking this mosaic?

Here's a 4 tile mosaic of M42 I did with my 10" RC Truss in HA :

Mosaics are always more incredible in HARGB, HA for LUM or SHO.. (the moment you will go narrowband the stars will fade away making more room for nebulosity and the lower the bandwith in nm…the less stars are in field ).

I think you did great and you should be proud of your work!! for a beginer to you tackled a very advanced and difficult composition!.

good luck and keep imaging, for your 2600mc use a dual narrowband or tri-arrowband that will be impressive or just get HA,OIII and SII and image with them smile 35nm HA filter from baader will blow you away with the nebulosity you can capturesmile
27 Jul, 2020 15:00
thanks for the kind words and suggestion about the stars.  I agree and struggle to balance them when I image nebula.  Ioan gives a good suggestion there.  I also think you are right on about the thumbnail not attracting attention…hadn't thought of that.

thanks for the kind words and the suggestion.  at home with nebula I use an Optolong L-e dual band.  at darker skies I don't use a filter and so many stars!  I'll check out the baader filter you suggest.

27 Jul, 2020 15:55

for the 35nm HA filter from baader, all I see are CCD filters like the:

Is this what you mean?
28 Jul, 2020 02:08

You did a really nice job on your mosaic.

The secret to getting more looks and more likes is to follow more people and give more" likes".   Focus on following people that either have the same equipment or are interested in the same targets you are interested in.  For example, I just purchased a W.O. RedCat so I started following a number of other RedCat users.

28 Jul, 2020 07:20
Hi John,

It's a nice mosaic!  It's a fine image.  In my personal taste, I may go with a somewhat different color balance and more saturation boost.  But this is really just personal taste.  I can't suggest you to do the same.

Regarding mosaics and getting more attentions, I also found it hard.  To really appreciate the power of such high-mega-pixel images, people usually have to zoom into 100% and see it.  Otherwise with the highly reduced image, a mosaic taken with a WO 102 may not look too different from a single-shot image taken with, for example, a RedCat.  I think some of my mosaics were overlooked because of this, and I honestly don't know how to improve the situation.  On the other hand, in general, like what Bob said, more interaction with people will lead to more likes.

28 Jul, 2020 14:51
Wei-Hao & Bob,

Thank you for your suggestions.  I now see the problem with the mosaic thumbnails not being fair…makes sense.  I don't think there is a system fix…that I can think of.  And I'll try color balance and saturation next time its cloudy or full moon.  It's just been so clear every night here!

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