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Siril v0.9

05 Jan, 2016 09:41
Hello, I would like to present you, Siril, a astrophotographic tool that has just been released in the end of 2015.

1 - Presentation:
Siril is meant to be Iris for Linux (sirI-L). It is an astronomical image processing tool, able to convert, pre-process images, help aligning them automatically or manually, stack them and enhance final images.

2 - How to install the release:
Each new version is produced with several packages for most OS we handled. We try to build maximum of packages and cheer you to check if a package does exist for your OS at this page: that Siril is a software for UNIX-like system, in consequence it does not work on Windows.

3 - New features:
This version is the first stable version of Siril project since a new team work on it. It is possible to (pre-)process deep-sky (and/or planetary) astronomical images (and/or films). Contrary to the name of its previous version 0.9.0 rc1, it includes many new features on top of the stability improvements. Starting with this stable version, a more conventional release cycle will be used, with stability updates in sub-minor releases. Next stable version will be 1.0.0.Along with many bug fixes and stability improvements, Siril 0.9 introduces important new features (list is available here: Here, a partial list with the most relevant ones: - Undo/redo:  The ability to undo and redo processes done on images have been coded in order to make Siril user-friendly as well more conform to modern software standards. It is also possible to choose the default directory where swap files are temporary stored. By default, this directory is /tmp (for GNU/Linux Systems). One can note that these operations are only possible with processes done through GUI and not with the command line.- Automatic and global deep-sky images registration tool: This tool is absolutely necessary when your mount is not well calibrated to Polaris. Our algorithm is based upon the triangle similarity search algorithm. First Siril searches stars in reference image, then the main algorithm build triangles with brightest stars. The goal of these triangles (which are invariant to many affine transformations like translation, rotation, scale) is to match them between each other’s and between images. By doing this, Siril computes rotation, translation and scale factor (generally near to 1.00 in usual cases). We’d like to thank Michael William Richmond for his code and his kindness helping me in this section.- New sorting planetary algorithm: On previous release, algorithm used for planetary quality sorting, was not robust. On this version, one have decided to implement the same algorithm used in many software like PIPP, Registax or others. The gradient method allows to users to sort frames with very good results. I would like to thanks Chris Garry (PIPP author) for helping us in this section.- Improvement of parallelization: Since beta release, we tried to improve slowest step of the all process. In consequence we have integrated an API for multi-platform shared-memory parallel programming in C: OPENMP. It is possible to decrease the number of core used for processing but keep in mind that it will reduce speed performances.- Better porting to many systems: Now Siril works on many UNIX-like systems like: FreeBSD, All GNU/Linux systems, and Mac-OS. Some users have also reported building Siril on Tab with ARM architecture. Once again, we want to warn you that Siril is not working on Windows system even if we know, on a Chinese forum, that a guy did for RC1 release. However we don’t know how he proceeded yet. For people who really want using Siril on Windows, it is possible with a virtual machine. This file ( explains how to do it. - Many bug fixes and stability improvements: This release comes with a large amount of bug fixes thanks to many reports of our beta-tester. The bug list is found at Feel free to report any bugs you could find by your own. We’ll do our best to fix them. We sincerely hope you will enjoy using Siril and you will produce nice shots. The Siril development team
Edited 16 Sep, 2017 12:50
20 Aug, 2017 09:01
This software is just incredible.
I chose it instead of DSS or Iris.
I have not tried pixinsight.
16 Sep, 2017 12:51
New version of Siril, 0.9.7, should be available for Windows.

18 Sep, 2017 08:40
Thanks, I'll give a try on my Mac
19 Sep, 2017 09:17
Tried stacking four dark images to a dark-master on Linux and the version 0.9.7-RC1 just exits without warnings ("Median stacking" and "No normalisation" ) . When I activate normalization, it works but normalization shouldn't be used for dark-masters as the popup-description says.

.log: Starting stacking…
ERROR:stacking/stacking.c:712:stack_median: assertion failed: (my_block->channel)
ERROR:stacking/stacking.c:712:stack_median: assertion failed: (my_block->channel)

I downgraded to 0.9.1-2 and there it doesn't happen
Edited 19 Sep, 2017 09:18
19 Sep, 2017 10:04
Yes. This is fixed in the 0.9.7 that will be released in a few days.
Please be patient.

By the way, median algorithm is old and should not be used. Winsorized Sigma Clipping, with no normalisation and low rejection is a best solution for dark integration.
You will improve your SNR.
19 Sep, 2017 16:22
Thank you. I will give a try again later.
20 Sep, 2017 19:06
Tomorow I should release the new version 0.9.7 stable.
23 Sep, 2019 20:29
Hot to stack DSO images with siril in 10 minutes.
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