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T14 calibrated images & column defects

20 Jun, 2017 20:15
I've tried a lot if the different techniques and scripts mentioned in the forums and on the web, but I'm still having issues with CD from the T14 CCD, even when using uncalibrated images with their master darks and bias.  I have some 240 sec exposures which complicates batch preprocessing. I'm using Pixinsight.

Anyone have a good method to proceed from iTelescope's calibrated images so that I can remove column defects?  Do I really have to go column by column to remove from each image?  DSS does a better job without a lot of adjusting, but clarity suffers.

Any pointers regarding steps and techniques would be greatly appreciated.  I'd like to use even more of the image than shown here, but the defects are even worse the wider i go!
Edited 20 Jun, 2017 21:51
21 Jun, 2017 11:04
Did you try CosmeticCorrection with a defect map?  I have a KAF-16803 sensor which has developed quite a few column defects over time but a combination of a defect map and dither cleans it up beautifully.

21 Jun, 2017 22:10
Thanks for the response.  Yes, I've tried it.  I guess I was just being lazysmile  it's a lot of work on this particular camera, it seems.
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