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how to make a good alignement with an AVX.

25 Jan, 2020 16:58
Hello, i'm new to astrophoto and i want to improve my tracking.
4 night ago i managed to make 60" exposure of M81-82 and M1 without startrails.
I make my alignement following these step. (i have no polarscope on my avx)

1) Mount is on level
2) point the north and look in the "hole" (where the polarscope is normaly here)
3) Polaris in the 'middle" of this hole.
4) do a 2 star align and 1 calibration star.
5) the go to is really precise but not the tracking.

Now i don't do anything more than 30" smile

If you have a idea of how to make long exposure without startrails like me 4 night ago. (There is no wind and my apn is a Canon 1100d)
Thanks for you help.  smile
26 Jan, 2020 04:14
Hello Darktytanus,
I am using AVX for AP and this is what I do.
-level the mount and roughly point north
- set telecope to indexes and move mount in azimuth and elevation (either moving and extending legs or adjustment bolts) until I center Polaris in the finderscope
- do Celestron  hand control alignment and calibration using at least four stars
- do Celestron hand control alignment -> Polar align -> Align Mount and use azimuth and elevation adjustment screws
- do Celestron hand control alignment and calibration again (since you disturbed the previous one by moving mount)
- Use PHD2 (free software for guiding) to "Drift align", it will also tell you exactly how far misaligned are you in the end. I can easily get it to better that 5 arcminutes
hope this helps,
26 Jan, 2020 10:18
Thanls for the answer.
I Don't know why it create 2 threads… when i post….

I try what you said next time smile
26 Jan, 2020 16:09
You could also try out electronically assisted polar align using SharpCap. I think Kstars/Ekos can do this also.

it is really easy to get <5“ alignments this way.
26 Jan, 2020 16:13
But to use this software i need to plug my pc with the mount or something like that ?
26 Jan, 2020 16:48
No to use sharpcap polar alignment, you just need a camera , and a guidescope, you can even use your telescope, you simply take exposures near the pole and rotate your ra axis, and sharpcap tells you what you need to adjust on your altitude and azimuth adjustment knobs.
27 Jan, 2020 03:05
Agree with Tomas Chylek. Use the mount's star align but add more than 1 star. You should add the maximum number which I think is 4. Then do the mount align using the mounts software and azimuth screws. Once this is done, you can repeat the process again to get the alignment even closer. Using a guide camera will help also but I'm only able to guide to about 4 arc seconds with my AVX which is not great. That said, I can take 5 minute exposures on windless nights without trails being a problem. Another trick is to make the balance of the telescope a little heavier on the telescope side of the RA axis. This will help keep the mount pushing on 1 side of it's RA gear. Clear skies.
Edited 27 Jan, 2020 03:06
27 Jan, 2020 05:57
Thanks for the help
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