Need information for lucky imaging

26 Aug, 2017 00:08
Hello everyone,So, I would like to try the technique called "lucky imaging".Unfortunately I have a lot of difficulties to find information about it!So I would like to know if anyone here uses this method, and could inform me?What camera to use, what software for stacking, DOF do or not, the maximum posting times and mini?Thank you in advance, if I do not post in the right place, thank you to tell me and I will move to the right place!  smile Regards,Manu.
26 Aug, 2017 06:35
Check the works of Carsten Dosche in astrobin. Also has a web site
26 Aug, 2017 12:02
Thank you very much for the site, but, how do I do, here on astrobin, to find a user?
I know how to search and find an object, but not a user !!! smile
26 Aug, 2017 12:13
In the search you can also find users. I found his profile, see below.

HIs website has also an english version.
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