Recommendation needed for a reducer using an Explore Scientific APO 102 ED Triplet F/7

30 Mar, 2018 13:45

Since several of the members of AB use the same refractor I thought that some of you have a recommendation on a reducer. In order to capture some larger images I would need a little bit more field. Is anyone using a specific reducer, and what are the experiences? Or is it better to buy for example a 60mm telescope from Williams Optics?

31 Mar, 2018 00:30
I use a Stellarvue one on mine, works a treat.

Edited 31 Mar, 2018 02:44
31 Mar, 2018 14:29
Thank you Scott for your recommendation, I looked at several ones and this one seems to fit perfectly for "our" telescopes. I will definitely consider this one!
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