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Astroberry Server

05 Nov, 2018 00:44
It has been nearly 2 years that I develop Astroberry Server - ready to use open source astronomy desktop system for Raspberry Pi, a standalone system for controlling astronomy equipment supported by INDI server. I have just released version 1.1.0 which supports Raspberry Pi 3 Model B and B+.
The system image is available on the project site and version history can be found on INDI forum

The system features:
  • Ubuntu Mate 16.04 Desktop
  • Virtual Access Point (VAP) allowing to access the system directly i.e. without external wireless network eg. in the field
  • Remote desktop accessible over VNC at astroberry.local:5900 or a web browser at http://astroberry.local
  • KStars planetarium software and Ekos with all available device drivers
  • Skychart / Cardes du Ciel planetarium software
  • HNSKY planetarium software
  • CCDciel capture control software (supports Skychart and HNSKY)
  • Astrometry with basic index files
  • PHD2 for autoguiding
  • Lin-guider for autoguiding
  • Gnome Predict for satellite tracking
  • StarPlot for 3-dimensional positions of stars in space
  • oaCapture for planetary imaging
  • wxAstroCapture for planetary imaging
  • Planetary Imager for planetary imaging
  • SER Player for viewing captured video streams
  • Astroberry PiFace drivers for a relay and focuser control
  • Astroberry DIY drivers for focuser, gps, switch board, IMU device
  • Samba server sharing Pictures directory for easy access to captured images
I would like to open a discussion here on how you like it and what direction it should go from here in further development.
Any suggestions welcomed also on on the project FB page
Edited 05 Nov, 2018 09:14
08 Nov, 2018 17:38
Hi Radek,

I'm busy at the moment but I'm looking forward to the new version. smile

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