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Attaching the ZWO 60280 GuideScope

17 Aug, 2019 03:41
smile  Hey everyone,

I have decided I want to have autoguiding in my current setup (Skywatcher 130pds). The autoguider setup I am looking at are:
and the scope:

Only problem is, I am unsure how im going to mount the guidescope to my main telescope. Here is an image of the T-Rings for my telescope:

would purchasing another dovetail to go across on the top of the T-rings, then mounting the guidescope with screws work? The dovetail would be: which is the same as I have on the bottom of the T-rings already to mount the main telescope. I realize that the two holes in the Dovetail bar are very close together so I would possibly have to drill a new hole or two.

Is this the only viable solution to mounting this guidescope setup or is there any better way I could go about this?

If all else fails then I may just settle for the Orion Mini and mount it to the preexisting guidescope mount.
25 Aug, 2019 11:34
Hey Hayden,

The easiest way to attach a guidescope is in place of the finder scope. Perhaps Bintel
can offer you to replace the dovetail with a more common finder show rail. Else I would
go for the Orion. It is faster with F3.2 versus F4.6 of the ZWO guidescope.

The ASI120MC-S is an excellent camera for planetary, but the bundled ASICAP software won't
find a guide star when I point my guide scope (Svbony 60mm/240mm) at Messier 8.
It could be a setting problem on my side, but please consult Bintel about this before you buy.
It may be better to choose the more sensitive monochrome version, ASI120MM-S, for guiding.

Edited 25 Aug, 2019 11:36
25 Aug, 2019 12:37
Like Robert said i would also suggest to use the monochrome version for autoguiding.
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