Celestron AVX guide logs

16 Sep, 2018 07:01
Hi All

Im battling with an 11s oscilation on my AVX mount. can anyone who has an AVX and is happy, post me a guide log so that i can benchmark performance and examine my oscilation in context.

Thanks in advance.
18 Sep, 2018 10:41
Hi Kamil!

Unfortunately I cannot help you since I experience the same problem (in RA). Hence I would be as well very interested how to get rid of it. I need to guide with very low frequency (0.5 to 1 second) to compensate, otherwise my stars would be always oblong. But this brings of course seeing into the game, causing that the images are not sharp enough.

18 Sep, 2018 12:47
exacty the same problem. ive logged a warranty ticket with Celestron already.
i have found 2 examples of AVX guide log on the internet that do not show this 11s oscilation.

but obviously happy people dont post their logs to show problems.
a lot of the logs i found shows the 11s oscilation, but most of them are 1/5 the size of mine.
today, 05:33
i have logged a ticket with the Agent in South Africa.
providing all measurement details and a description of the issue.

my mount is with them, now I wait for a response.
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