Recommeded Barlow for f/15 scope

27 May, 2018 22:46
I am looking for a 2x Barlow to combine with my 180 mm Mak-Cass (f/15) scope and ZWO ASI 071 or ASI 290 camera. I notice that some Barlows appear to be optimized for fast systems - are there recommended  types for slower systems?

Thanks very much for any advice!

Great site by the way.
28 May, 2018 18:00
if i sell one item of astro i have [Polemaster] then i will immediately order TV 2X Powermate, i have 3X Barlow and i can't get nice results i mean sharp or detailed, so i would like to go with 2X powermate, even if that is too much too then at least i can use it for another scopes, F15 sounds a lot, and only 1.5x up to 2X can work, F30 i don't know if too much for planets, so i need to try at least.
28 May, 2018 23:54
Thank you Tareq! Yes the TV 2X Powermate looks good. My aim is indeed F/30 for planets. We'll see.
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